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Industrial Hearing Protection

Industrial hearing protection is an absolute requirement in many construction, production and jobs that require consistent work around loud engines. Though it may not seem so, even low amounts of noise can cause irreparable damage to the ears over time. This can be felt in later years or later in life, when hearing is already starting to decline. So if you work an industrial job, or you regularly work around noise even for fun, it’s important to have a sturdy set of earplugs or headphones to keep your ears safe both now and in the future.

Noise is a problem for two reasons: one, it can damage the flesh of the eardrum immensely by causing terrible vibrations; and two, noise can cause a lot of confusion and disorientation. This is a serious problem for work environments with a lot noise, because they are often the ones most dangerous as well.

There are three main types of protection gear available. The first types are earplugs. These products simply fit into one’s ear canals, providing direct protection against noise. They can be foam, rubber or custom fitted models. Headphones are a more common choice for industrial environments, as not only are they effective at directly protecting the ear and dampening noise, they are also comfortable to wear for an extended period of time. Related to these are noise-canceling units, which actually emit sound to cancel out the perception of noise. Though very good at reducing noise, they don’t protect from the percussive effect of noise that can still damage the ear.

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