Hearing Protection
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Hearing Protection Devices

Hearing protection devices are helpful in many situations and sometimes downright necessary for others. Though everyone has a little bit of hearing damage throughout their lives, some circumstances can heavily damage the ears, which may cause almost complete hearing lost later in life. These circumstances can occur at work, by listening to loud music at concerts or by enjoying recreation, such as shooting, which can cause tremendous damage to the ear. Luckily, the products available to help protect the ears are numerous and very effective at keeping the ear drums safe and operating correctly. As for listening to headphones too loud - that’s one own personal choice.

There are a few major categories of hearing devices to help keep your ears safe whether working or playing, each of which gives great defense against noise, but with a higher expensive and less flexibility.

Headphones are perhaps the sturdiest and best protection for environments with very loud sudden sounds, or one’s with a near constant level of noise. These are common on shooting ranges or in working environments. They comfortably cover the ears, stay on the head, but they do not let much noise at all get through and they are a little bulky for most situations.

For more casual situations such as concerts or work environments, where you still want to hear what’s going on, earplugs are a cheaper, more flexible solution that allows for a much greater realm of sounds to be heard, meaning the music or instructions from co-workers. Both rubber and foam models are available depending how often you need them.

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