Hearing Protection
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Q: I want to make sure that I keep my hearing well protected but I do not want to spend all that much money—can you suggest a cheap yet effective hearing protection solution?
Yes we can! While these items have been around for a while, they certainly still offer comprehensive hearing protection—high density foam ear plugs. These items are very cheap yet also very effective at providing full protection for your hearing. However, they are not intended for multiple uses as they will lose their ability to stay snuggly within your ears, so you will most likely need to buy a few of them.

Q: I don’t get how you are supposed to use the foam hearing protection products. Can you please explain this to me?
Of course. While these foam hearing protection devices will not fit directly into your ear straight from the package, all you need to do is simply roll them between your fingers until they scrunch down a bit and become compact enough to fit comfortably within your ear canal. Then, once they are inside of your ear they will naturally expand to provide a very snug fit inside that will provide you with full protection for your hearing.

Q: What is one of the more comprehensive types of hearing protection that I can buy for heavy industrial applications?
Anyone who works in a very loud industrial environment will definitely need to take extra caution with the protection of their hearing since these people are usually subjected to very high decibel levels on a regular basis, which puts these people at a much greater risk for hearing loss. Therefore, you will want to make sure that you get a full headset hearing protection device. These full headsets create a full enclosure around your ears to make sure as little outside noise is allowed in as possible.

Q: What is a type of lightweight and compact hearing protection device that I can use?
One of the more effective types of hearing protection that offers a lightweight and small form factor is a rubber ringed ear protector. The rubber rings feature a cone shape which allows for a very tight, yet very comfortable fit within the ear. And they can easily be fit into your pockets to help you make sure that you have high quality hearing protection at your fingertips at all times.

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