Hearing Protection
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Electronic Hearing Protection

Electronic hearing protection is a new realm in earplugs. In fact, these devices aren’t always plugs. While in the past, products were designed to dampen as much sound coming to the ears as possible, including full-covering ear muffs and even custom made earplugs, electronic devices dampen sound, but they also add an extra layer of protection that cannot be found with standard plugs. Using the current understanding of sound and how the ear perceives sound, these products actually listen to the surrounding environment and create a noise that cancels out the perception of the noise.

Known commonly as ‘noise-canceling’ devices, these products are popular for music headphones as they allow a person to better hear their music. However, these products also have applications to protect the ears. In addition, to the damage that noise can cause the eardrum just by vibration, noise can also be very disorienting and emotionally disturbing. This can be a major problem for industrial or sports situations where focus can be a necessity to ensure the safety of oneself and others.

Though they are excellent for reducing noise, just by canceling noise, these products don’t protect the ears. Dampening of sound is still necessary in order to sound from harming the eardrums.

Models of these products come in both full-covering units or inserts. Each provides differing levels of dampening protection as well as the effectiveness of the noise-canceling technology. A drawback of these devices is charging or using batteries, however for the positive benefit they provide, they are a great device for keep your ears safe and your head clear.

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