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Child's Hearing Protection

Children are perhaps the most susceptible to damage to the ears. Not only is the ear particularly weak during this period of their lives as their bodies continue to develop, loud noises and continuous low-level noise can be the most painful and disturbing to children. While, children will most likely not be working in conditions of heavy noise like an airport, there are many situations where they will require child’s hearing protection to keep them ears safe from damage as well as keep them comfortable.

What types of situations? There are a number of common activities which can cause damage to a child’s ears. Many activities, which adults consider a usual amount of noise, because of their low amount of hearing damage, can cause a lot of distress to children. Being around loud engines such as when riding a motorcycle or boat can cause this trouble for children. Not only will kids need a life vest or helmet, they’ll need some ear protection.

This is even truer in sport situations. Stadium games can be surprisingly loud through a child’s ears, especially inside enclosed stadiums. Even more so, for motorized sports. It almost goes without saying that any sport involving shooting can be extremely dangerous for children.

There are a couple different varieties of products available for children. Full-covering ear muffs are the best and most suitable for circumstances such as shooting or for an especially loud situation, where the child doesn’t need to be corralled with directions. Other situations, such as sporting events and around engines, many form-fitting earplugs will suffice and are low-priced enough to make them practical for when a child outgrows the plugs.

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